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More funding for human research ethics committees: expert

The National Health and Medical Research Council must lobby government for funding to properly support human medical research ethics committees, an internationally renowned expert has argued. Professor Linda Shields, American Academy of Nursing fellow and Charles Sturt University nursing academic, ...

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Lower HELP repayment threshold to $42,000: Norton

Grattan Institute modelling advocates lowering the HELP loan repayment threshold to $42,000 – calling it an “efficient and fair” solution to curb ballooning debt from unpaid loans. The current threshold stands at $54,126, though the federal Education Department estimates one-fifth ...

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Parker says unis help entrench inequality, offers solutions

Australian higher education perpetuates inequality, and ATAR should be scrapped and university places recapped to help fix the situation. That’s the argument University of Canberra vice-chancellor professor Stephen Parker made in remarks to the TJ Ryan Foundation this week. Parker’s comments came after a ...

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Teaching degrees are uni cash cows: Dinham

Teaching degrees are used by universities as a cash cow and this can partially explain startling teacher attrition rates, an expert has said. Recent research from the Australian National University shows 30 to 50 per cent of teachers quit the ...

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Government calls TAFE takeover plan nothing new

The federal government has labelled a furore over a leaked Council of Australian Governments paper on a possible federal TAFE takeover a “beat-up” and “old news”. The leaked draft details a plan in which funding and loan schemes would become income contingent. ...

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Norton warns against using super to pay off HELP debt

Letting graduates raid superannuation to repay HELP loans is a bad idea, the Grattan Institute has warned. Liberal Senator Chris Back has urged the treasurer to allow graduates to use retirement savings to pay off their student debt. Back proposes letting ...

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