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Opinion: Stop shonks, then reform VET

Vocational education should be the engine room of a nation’s economy, and one of the bedrocks of a cohesive society. It should prepare people for work. It should foster and encourage innovation, and support employers and workers in workplaces. A ...

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Parker says unis help entrench inequality, offers solutions

Australian higher education perpetuates inequality, and ATAR should be scrapped and university places recapped to help fix the situation. That's the argument University of Canberra vice-chancellor professor Stephen Parker made in remarks to the TJ Ryan Foundation this week. Parker's comments came after a ...

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Opinion: VET reform promises disappointment

Recent Senate paper builds up reader expectations of a robust effort to reform VET – but the Coalition’s minority report shoots down those hopes. By John Mitchell A familiar experience: you start reading a new government report on the VET ...

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Opinion: Close ERA loopholes now

Quality ratings are meaningless if the process for evaluating research is easily subverted. By Peter Drummond We try to regulate many things in modern life, and often wonder at the total perversity that results. Yet the answer is simple. Just ...

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The community way

Local ownership of satellite campuses may be the answer to greater reach for unis and better service to the places they reside. A tertiary education campus can be a significant asset to a community, offering long-lived economic, social and cultural ...

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