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Indigenous strategies that work

Concentration on the early years of development, coordination of programs across higher education and forceful messages about young indigenous people’s responsibility to their elders, families and communities – these are among the strategies recommended by indigenous education leaders to help ...

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National briefs

NUS calls for yearly handouts The National Union of Students has rebuffed claims students are double-dipping by qualifying for handouts under both of the federal government’s stimulus packages. NUS president David Barrow said many of the “impoverished students on Centrelink” ...

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International briefs

US universities consider ‘tuning’ their degrees Minnesota, Indiana and Utah have each received $US150,000 to examine a new way to evaluate college degrees that would focus more on skills learned than classes taken. The program, ‘Tuning USA’, is an initiative ...

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Research briefs

No resumption of Commercial Ready, says Carr The government won’t reinstate the Commercial Ready early stage technology development fund, innovation minister Kim Carr told the online publicationAustralian Life Scientist. “Many organisations have made representations to me about the program and ...

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Education the great leveller? Not in Little Lebanon

Muslim Australians embrace higher education more than their non-Muslim counterparts. But this isn’t translating into economic success, with Muslim households experiencing higher unemployment rates, lower incomes and more child poverty, according to Flinders University professorial fellow Riaz Hassan. Hassan’s findings, ...

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Internationalising the brand

Ten years ago, Curtin University established a campus in Sarawak. Now the region is reaping the benefits, writes Julie Hare It’s the snaking line of oil carriers along the horizon that gives the first clue. That and the ubiquitous plantations. ...

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