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Japan’s research sluggish by comparison

One of the world’s great research powerhouses is slipping in research performance. Despite several world-class universities, including the Asia-Pacific’s highest ranking university in the Shanghai Jiao Tong, established government research laboratories and several Nobel Prize winners, Japan’s long-standing reputation as ...

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Demand for NZ tertiary study predicted to fall

Demand for tertiary education study is likely to fall away as the recession eases and tougher criteria is placed on students, NZ tertiary education minister Steven Joyce said last week. In a parliamentary education select committee meeting, Joyce disagreed with ...

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Entrance Exam

New Zealand is going through the opposite of the Australian experience by restricting access to university after decades of a demand-driven system, writes Dave Guerin. In what might prove to be a salutary tale for Australia, New Zealand’s former government ...

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American exceptionalism?

With the world’s eyes on South Africa, Toby Miller finds that the world game is being denounced as “un-American”. It’s finally the summer break here. In most of the US, that starts in early to mid-May, but the University of ...

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Budget blues

An eternal optimist, Dave Guerin was looking forward to the recent NZ budget … despite signs to the contrary. At least the alcohol excise didn’t go up. I love budget time. I love that feeling when you read that your ...

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Marks & Shakespeare

Simon Haines sees a new hybrid world being born out of the English language and Chinese crowds. Our local shopping mall, five minutes away in the car, is one of the busiest in the world. More people go through its ...

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