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Nose spray relieves childbirth pain: study

Women may soon be able to use a nasal spray for pain relief during childbirth following successful trials by an Australian midwifery researcher. The nasal spray analgesic drug, fentanyl, was shown to be just as effective in relieving labour pain ...

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Site of 10,000-year-old massacre found in Kenya

Scientists have made the grim discovery of a 10,000-year-old massacre site on the shores of a Kenyan lake. The Cambridge University-led expedition recovered 12 skeletons, of men and women, at Nataruk near Lake Turkana. Some skeletons had their skulls crushed, ...

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A blessing from the sky for Curtin researchers

Curtin University researchers got a late Christmas present from the heavens, recovering a meteorite from outback South Australia on New Year’s Eve. Planetary geologist professor Phil Bland had to dig the meteorite out of a 42cm-deep hole in the salt bed of Lake Eyre ...

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For mosquitoes, love hertz

James Cook University researchers have discovered that sex sells – even for mosquitoes. Brian Johnson, senior research officer at JCU’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and JCU professor Scott Ritchie, dengue fever expert, have set out to make a cheap ...

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Australia adds another dinosaur to its collection

University of Queensland researchers have made Australia's latest discovery of a species of dinosaur. Kunbarrasaurus ieversi (Kunbarrasaurus) is an ankylosaurus, a four-legged herbivore closely related to stegosaurs. This newly determined species had a parrot-like beak and an inner ear like a ...

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