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USQ takes on climate volatility

Queensland’s climate is a double-edged sword. Whilst enabling the state to develop a thriving and prosperous agriculture industry, climate change and extreme weather have been known for throwing many regions into chaos. This is why drought preparedness has been and ...

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Australian housing costs make poor get poorer: study

A joint university study has reinforced the old adage that the 'rich get richer and the poor get poorer' by concluding that Australia’s housing affordability crisis is quickening spirals of disadvantage and advantage. Housing affordability and residential mobility as drivers of locational ...

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Floodwater is no place for driving a car

With reports that Sydney’s Warragamba Dam may soon burst, and with parts of Victoria and Queensland bracing for storms and floods, University of New South Wales engineers have a simple message for any motorist considering driving through floodwater: don’t do it. ...

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Einstein’s gravitational waves spotted again

Eureka! Again. An international team of 1000 scientists, including 43 Australian researchers from six universities, have proven Albert Einstein to be right, again, by discovering a second set of gravitational waves. These waves were detected after the collision of two ...

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Principals directly affect exam results: study

University of Melbourne economists have determined that school principals have a direct impact on students’ scores in standardised testing such as NAPLAN. Using Victorian Education Department public school data, economist Dr Mick Coelli and colleagues found that principals who set clear ...

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Nanoparticle sunscreens are safe, study reports

Public concerns about nanoparticle sunscreens are misplaced, according to a review that found them safe and effective. The available evidence indicates that nano-materials don't penetrate the skin's surface and, in fact, decrease the levels of harmful free radicals in the skin, said associate ...

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