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Australian researcher unearths dinosaur nest

A James Cook University researcher has helped unearth a 190-million-year-old dinosaur nesting site in South Africa, the oldest nesting site for dinosaurs ever found. The discovery, of the prosauropod dinosaur Massospondylus, at an excavation site in South Africa, has revealed significant ...

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Plea to save microscopy unit

Alarmed at proposed cutbacks at a high-performing University of Sydney science centre, former deputy director Guy Cox appeals for a re-think. In 1975 I joined the then Electron Microscope Unit (now the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis) at the ...

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IT chiefs tighten belts

Campuses are adapting to the lean times by networking and even sharing resources with nearby institutions. Large organisations across Australia will increase their IT budgets by just 1.9 per cent this year – a figure that won’t match inflation. The situation ...

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Tenure becoming untenable

Milton Greenberg writes that the reasons for lifetime academic positions have been eroded in the US with more staff employed on a contingent basis. The Australian experience bears a striking similarity. It seems that tenure is always in the news. ...

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New program to drive links with industry

More than $249 million in funding will be available for engineering cadetships, industry training for PhD students, and specialized research hubs next year through a government program to boost competition and innovation in the country’s manufacturing sector. The Industrial Transformation ...

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CQU defends chiropractic course

A group of 34 medical researchers and doctors has written to Central Queensland University urging it to re-consider plans to offer a course in alternative medicine. The group is concerned at a decision by CQU to train chiropractors in courses ...

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