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Interesting times demand new solutions

After years of technologists advocating for change, COVID-19 has arguably driven more involuntary change in the last six months in businesses and public sector organisations than we’ve seen in the previous ten years. And it’s no secret higher education has ...

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Adapting to online learning during COVID-19

Grok Learning is an online platform for university-level teaching of programming-related subjects. It’s also used in many Australian schools to teach the new Digital Technologies curriculum. At Grok we work closely with our university partners to support their innovative teaching ...

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How do you rapidly transition to a digital campus?

The situation in which we find ourselves in is extraordinary. Across the world, political realignment, social unrest, and the current epidemic are pressing higher education leaders to look beyond traditional, campus-based teaching models in order to reach their students. Many ...

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Deliver what was once unimaginable

Personalised learning is increasingly becoming more and more of a conversation topic within the higher education landscape. But are the platforms and outcomes really worth the hype? VitalSource® truly believes it is, which is one of the driving reasons for ...

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