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UWA and intellectual property

What rights do universities have when staff make inventions? A new case may have changed the landscape. By Mitzi Gilligan, Kylie Diwell, Nicole Reid and Geraldine Farrell.   A recent Federal Court decision is of particular significance to universities because ...

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America re-emerging

The US has shown signs of positive growth in international student numbers. Will it knock Australia off its perch, asks Tony Adams.   From time to time, Australian international student recruiters have understandable bouts of paranoia about the competition. Through ...

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Counting the measures

A new report from the UK looks at the impact of league tables on universities. Julie Hare reports.   The name of a new UK report into league tables and their impact on universities is profoundly apt. ‘Counting what is ...

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Postgraduate report card

Before last year’s federal election, the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations compiled a short list of its key priorites. Nigel Palmer recaps.   Support for independent student representation The election campaign saw intransigence on the part of the Coalition, a ...

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ATN leaps ahead with employability skills

A voluntary program that embeds employability, leadership and communication skills in PhD graduates should be taken up by all Australian universities. Indeed, this is likely to be one of the recommendations of the Australian Technology Network to the current national ...

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China’s higher transformation

A new study for the first time reveals the full extent of China’s massive transformation of its higher education sector. Julie Hare reports. China’s ascendance as a higher education superpower and the implications globally are the focus of an important ...

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A funding review

Government funding drives behaviour as universities scramble to meet certain indicators. But Conor King advocates a more flexible approach.   It is perhaps too obvious to state that governments and education providers bring quite different assumptions to the creation of ...

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