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China’s higher transformation

A new study for the first time reveals the full extent of China’s massive transformation of its higher education sector. Julie Hare reports. China’s ascendance as a higher education superpower and the implications globally are the focus of an important ...

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A funding review

Government funding drives behaviour as universities scramble to meet certain indicators. But Conor King advocates a more flexible approach.   It is perhaps too obvious to state that governments and education providers bring quite different assumptions to the creation of ...

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How do you get tenure?

As a tenured academic in the US, Toby Miller is clear about its value and equally clear about the need to protect its status.   Tenure is a real prize in the US academy. Most academic positions are casualised – ...

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Opening up to open source

Researchers, students and administrators all stand to benefit from open source learning and management systems, says Beverley Head.   Open source learning and management systems are again in the spotlight following the release of a Sakai-based online learning environment at ...

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What is really at stake in the war

The tourism and education sectors recently took indiscreet swipes at each other over which sector was of more value to the Australian economy. Neil Leiper says there’s more at stake than just bragging rights.   In February “a massive war ...

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Transnational threat to higher education’s gravy train

Australia’s lucrative international education industry could face a stiff challenge from the growing popularity of transnational higher education, according to a recently released study. The 2007 StudentPulse study, a global survey of the perceptions and motivations of prospective international students, ...

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