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Australian Manual of Style goes online

Can infinitives be split?a                                  When do you use a pie graph?b                                          Can ‘Earth’ be preceded by ‘the’?c       What order should adjectives appear in?d  All these questions of writing style and presentation – as well as up-to-date, research-based advice ...

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Strictly speaking | Zombie terms

Browsing through the Cambridge Dictionary’s new words blog, as you do, it’s noticeable how many new compounds are being formed with the word zombie as the first element. Some of these refer to that horror movie staple’s habit of returning ...

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Gaming for Granny

A new study has demonstrated the positive impact of gaming on older people with memory complaints. The study compared conventional exercise to the effects of exercising using an Xbox 360 Kinect sports video game, finding those that gamed for two ...

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What is needed to even the odds? Opinion

In higher education, we pride ourselves on being evidence-based decision-making entities. We promote our missions to serve our communities and to create a better world and better futures for all.  There is strong evidence that diversity drives better organisational outcomes. ...

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