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Macquarie’s free Voice Referendum microcredential

Macquarie University has developed a free online microcredential to help Australians make an informed decision when voting in the Australian Indigenous Voice ‘The Voice' 2023 Referendum.  Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced The Voice Referendum on 30 July 2022, and all ...

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Fair Work Ombudsman to take UNSW to court

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) will face legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) for allegedly failing to pay casual staff and keep accurate payslip records in March 2018. The investigation commenced in 2020 after the university's ...

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Strictly speaking | Telegamy

On first encounter, telegamy one might think it refers to TV gaming. But put alongside its nearest relatives in English (monogamy, bigamy, polygamy) its meaning begins to emerge – as a particular kind ofmarriage, albeit not one made in a ...

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Let’s consider what students want from EdTech

The Australian Universities Accord process gained widespread engagement and attention from higher education providers, leaders and interest groups across the system. As a means of developing an Accord across the sector’s providers with the government, it has been a big ...

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