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It’s all in the message

Uni not turned out how you’d planned? Looking for a new direction? Like to stand out from the crowd? Then choose West Coast Institute of Training (WCIT).  These are just some of the clever marketing pitches used in advertisements by ...

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Simplistic templates won’t wash

Over half a billion bucks is riding on workforce development plans, so the race is on to learn how to prepare and write such plans, and convincing ones at that. By John Mitchell. Absorbing Skills Australia, the National Workforce and ...

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Long-term solution to VET research

The fostering of novice researchers in VET is critical, says John Mitchell. A lack of quality research bedevils VET, leaving it at risk of being further damaged by poor policy decisions and mass media beat-ups. Two recent examples are the ...

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VET workforce knows its gaps

To assist industry with workforce development plans, vocational educators need to get their own house in order, writes John Mitchell. The recent reports by Skills Australia and the Productivity Commission acknowledged the role of VET in assisting industries with workforce ...

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Debate open on higher education for VET teachers

Do VET teachers need more than a Certificate IV qualification, asks John Mitchell. When researching the VET sector over the last year, the Productivity Commission expressed interest in whether there was a proven link between teacher qualifications and student outcomes. ...

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The value of knowing why people drop out

Providers could collect the reasons for non-completions, suggests John Mitchell. Does it matter how completion rates for full VET qualifications are counted? Yes it does, because the government wants to publish VET completion rates on the forthcoming MySkills website. Yes ...

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