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Plagiarism with a difference

How can a professor of medicine claim 800 authored or co-authored peer-reviewed articles in his career when most research academics struggle to write five a year? This is the question posed by Sergio Sismondo in a recent issue of the ...

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Questions raised over employer training subsidies

Government subsidies to encourage employers to take on apprentices or trainees may be less effective than commonly supposed, according to new research from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. But the report’s principal author, Professor Andrew Smith from the ...

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Change agenda taking its toll on tiny college: AUQA

Even with only three degrees and 42 students, Tabor College is a “state of flux at every level”, contributing to a lack of common purpose, ill-informed staff, and compliance-oriented quality management, according to the higher education audit agency.heir performance should ...

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In the hear and now

Macquarie University is doing its bit to help the Rudd government achieve its mission of more people from more diverse backgrounds coming to university under its social inclusion agenda. The university has developed a way to help students with disabilities ...

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World first ready for an update

Another step towards a unified tertiary education sector was taken last month with the release of a consultation paper on reforming the Australian Qualifications Framework. The paper follows a commitment from education minister Julia Gillard in March to build a ...

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Help is at hand for the dilatory postgraduate

Concern over unacceptably high PhD and masters non-completion rates and long completion times has led Innovative Research Universities Australia (IRUA) to embark on a program to help remedy the situation.ion rates in Australia are hard to pin down, but have ...

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