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Innovation is built on culture: Microsoft

Success in innovation is determined by culture, a report from Microsoft argues. Australia stands at No. 17 on the Global Innovation Index and the federal government has just released a $1.1 billion package to boost Australia’s innovative capacity. Accelerating Australia’s ...

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Australia adds another dinosaur to its collection

University of Queensland researchers have made Australia's latest discovery of a species of dinosaur. Kunbarrasaurus ieversi (Kunbarrasaurus) is an ankylosaurus, a four-legged herbivore closely related to stegosaurs. This newly determined species had a parrot-like beak and an inner ear like a ...

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UA praises innovation package as start of culture shift

The government’s innovation reforms will bring the shift in cultural mindset Australia needs, Universities Australia has said. The government’s innovation agenda, announced this week, contains a suite of schemes to incentivise commercialisation of university research. This includes reviewing the existing research ...

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