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‘Gamechanger’: OpenAI launches ChatGPT4

OpenAI has released a powerful new version of artificial intelligence program ChatGPT, capable of passing the US bar exam and coding entire video games within minutes.  GPT-4, launched March 17, is similar to its predecessor in that it uses generative ...

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Strictly speaking | Algiarism

No reader of Campus Review, or indeed anyone working in higher education, can have missed the anxiety about the fresh potential for plagiarism created by the recently-released software ChatGPT. Of course there’s now a new word for this type of ...

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Universities post record-breaking surplus in 2021

Australian universities reported a record-breaking $5.3bn surplus during the second year of the pandemic, up from a surplus of $706.9 million in 2020, new data shows. A financial report released by the federal education department showed only three out of ...

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The Commonwealth privateers: opinion

It’s a bit like one of those Christmas cracker riddles. In the UK it might be a question such as, ‘What claims to be public but is actually very private? Answer: The elite public (private) schooling system.’ Here in Australia, ...

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Academics taken hostage in Papua New Guinea

An anthropology professor and his colleagues have been taken hostage by an armed group in Papua New Guinea. PNG’s Prime Minister, James Marape, told reporters on Monday his government has been in contact with the kidnappers, with missionaries living in the ...

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Universities take position on Indigenous Voice

As the campaign for an Indigenous Voice to parliament ramps up nationwide, universities have begun to air their stance on the upcoming referendum. On Saturday the Prime Minister declared a “national week of action” to raise awareness in favour of ...

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