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Strictly Speaking | Anthropause

It’s hard to imagine that Covid-19 has had any benefits, but one that is sometimes suggested is the potential healing effect on the natural world of human withdrawal from it. Scientists have given a name to this pandemic-induced slowing of ...

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Academic’s paper pulled after plagiarism probe

A journal has retracted a Monash University academic's paper over potential plagiarism.   Monash conducted an investigation on the publication after a student raised concerns about potential plagiarism by a supervisor. The retracted paper described research about placental serotonin systems ...

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Sleep no obstacle for maths: study

It's possible to chat to someone and even do maths while you’re asleep, scientists say. A new study of 36 people experiencing rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which produces vivid dreams, has shown they can still respond to questions and ...

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La Trobe University reveals 2021 financial forecast

La Trobe University came out of 2020 with better than expected finances but it now anticipates a revenue downturn of about $170 million compared with pre-COVID forecasts. In an update on the university’s finances sent to staff this week, vice-chancellor ...

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