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MOOC helps teachers adapt to online education

UNSW’s new MOOC is not only helping teachers in Australia and overseas deliver education online, it's also receiving accolades from the US president. The MOOC called Learning to Teach Online, run by Coursera, delivers professional development courses for free to teachers ...

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A new challenge in maths teaching

Making mathematics more difficult can actually improve learning in low-achieving students, a new study has found. The Monash University study explored a unique way of delivering a lesson on fractions where teachers provide students with challenging maths tasks to work ...

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Researchers draw blood to detect dementia

Proteins in blood may help detect if a person is suffering from dementia a decade before they experience troubling symptoms, scientists say. An American study involving more than 100 people found the level of protein was significantly different for healthy ...

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Study: Chimps can smile like humans

Chimpanzees have the same types of smiles as humans when laughing and do not even need to make a sound to be understood, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Portsmouth say that chimpanzees' communication is more ...

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