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Norton joins Grattan Institute

The first research project of the Grattan Institute's new higher education program chief will focus on base funding and teaching. Researching the true cost of teaching in universities will be one of the first projects undertaken by the Grattan Institute ...

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Student numbers in VET reach 1.8 million

The number of training organisations delivering publicly funded VET increased from 2455 to 2794 training organisations. There has been an overall increase in the number of students enrolled in the public vocational education and training (VET) system in 2010, a ...

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Call for united approach on relevant finance research

Accounting research should improve accounting practice, rather than simply describe or understand or critique it Accounting research is often considered pointless and irrelevant by practitioners according to leading finance academics and leaders of business who contributed to a book released ...

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ASQA and TEQSA: same intent but still poles apart

The overt remit of TEQSA legislation is quality assurance but the VET mandate was for aggregation, refinement and consistency, not reform. A major cultural shift needs to take place in vocational education training before national regulation can work effectively, the ...

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Victoria’s VET watchdog on hold

The plan is to assess the extent to which the Commonwealth International Students Ombudsman would meet the commitments given by the Victorian coalition and then address any deficiencies. Victorian tertiary education minister Peter Hall has confirmed that he is putting ...

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SES obsession bad for policy

If there is too much emphasis on SES in Australian education policy are we funding the right areas? There is an over emphasis on socioeconomic status throughout Australia’s policy world Dr Gary Marks principal research fellow at the Australian Council ...

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