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ASUS VC66 – A Full Size Tower That Fits Into Your Hand

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Modern PCs comes in various size and performance to suit different needs. There is a large tower PC with strong processing power for intensive floating point calculations, great for all purposes except its size. On the other end of the spectrum, there is also the option of a VESA mountable compact size PC that offers just enough performance for everyday computing based use. With the vast variations in size, performance, expansion, connectivity, I/O availability, and security, it is not easy to make the right decision sometimes to cater the different needs around the campus. Will there be one product that does it all? ASUS VC66 is the answer.


At the heart of ASUS VC66 series mini desktop PCs is a 65W Intel® Core™-i desktop processor, ranging from quad core eight thread Core™ i7 down to dual core quad thread Core™ i3. These full spec processors generally found only on large full size towers to handle complete floating point calculation needs in a research labs. Supporting DP/HDMI/DVI triple output interface and resolution up to 4K UHD opens the flexibility to the various types of displays. They are powered by the latest generation of Intel® QuickSync™ hardware accelerated renderer, helps to significantly reduce the video rendering time for design class.  They also run extremely quiet, generating only a non-audible 19dB at idle, and up to 40dB at full load, fits nicely into any environment including libraries.

Storage & Connectivity

Its built-in NVMe storage removes the application load up time for lab works, while SATA storage bay allows large capacity storage with ease. There is also the option for built-in DVD-RW to meet specific needs, along with the RJ45 Intel® Gigabit Ethernet, Intel® AC1200 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 which enables fast and reliable access to university resources. The VC66 also supports the modern I/O interfaces such as USB type C, its backward support of legacy COM port makes it the ideal choice for engineering lab study work.

Size, Security & Maintenance

Despite its capability, it is also incredibly small at the footprint of a CD case; consuming only 2-Liter in volume, and weighs a feather light weight of 1.5kg; which can be comfortably mounted to anywhere with its VESA mount holes.  To cater for the use in open environment, the VC66 is also equipped with enhanced security. It supports both TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and USB port read/write protect control for data security, as well as Kensington lock and anti-thief design, keeping hardware and data secured at all times.  The VC66 is also incredibly easy to maintain, thanks to RMT (Remote Management Tool) 2.0. MIS can easily control and push out BIOS, driver, and software updates from their own workstation, making updates easy especially for difficult to reach locations. Each VC66 Mini PC comes with two years national pickup & return service; so if anything happen, help is just one simple call away.

ASUS Mini PC – powering offices and facilities worldwide.


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