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On payday, it’s what you study, not where

University of Melbourne

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Australia’s prestigious sandstone and technology universities results in just 6 per cent higher earnings than other institutions over a 40-year career, research has shown. The analysis, Grattan Institute higher education director Andrew Norton released yesterday, indicates that ...

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Reform hearings centre on loan repayments


A fresh call for recovery of HECS-HELP debt from expatriate graduates and a hybrid repayment scheme were amongst several key amendments stakeholders urged during last week’s Senate inquiry into university deregulation. Addressing the Senate committee last week, HECS architect professor Bruce Chapman again ...

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THE rankings spark deregulation warning

Professor Warren Bebbington

Australia’s top universities’ continued ascendency in the influential Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings has been tempered by a warning from the ratings agency that deregulation may have a negative impact on many of the nation’s lower-ranked institutions. Despite most ...

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Extended interview with Tim Flannery


Internationally renowned environmental sustainability expert Tim Flannery, has recently taken up a Professorial fellowship role with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne. In an extended interview with Campus Review, Flannery accused Tony Abbott of insulting Australians ...

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Reforms slammed in inquiry submissions


Academics, students and university staff have begun formally lodging their concerns and objections regarding the federal government’s higher-education reforms. Submissions are slowly trickling into the Senate inquiry examining the legislation. As of Friday last week, more than a dozen submissions had ...

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Murdoch VC suspended

Richard Higgott

Murdoch University vice-chancellor professor Richard Higgott has been suspended indefinitely on full pay pending an assessment by the Corruption and Crime Commission. The announcement, made on Friday last week, followed an internal university investigation, the findings of which resulted in ...

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Poll shows popular constitutional reforms


Government ministers citing reasons such as national security and operational matters when declining to answer parliamentary questions should be held to greater scrutiny, a national survey released by Charles Sturt University suggests. CSU believes the nationwide survey is the first ...

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La Trobe first to cap fees

Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar

La Trobe University has become the first Australian institution to formally offer a cap on student fees in the event that the government achieves its goal of deregulating the prices universities can charge for degrees from 2016. The cap would ...

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In the hands of the crossbenchers

Paul Johnson

A handful of junior senators hold the key to the future for Australian universities. In the coming weeks and months, our federal politicians will decide the future of higher education in this country. Parliament will be asked to vote on ...

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