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Eureka! Einstein’s gravitational waves found

A century after he theorised the existence of gravitational waves, Albert Einstein has been proven right.

Scientists said they had, for the first time, detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesised by physicist Albert Einstein a century ago. The landmark discovery opens a new window for studying the cosmos. Researchers said on Thursday they detected gravitational ...

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‘People without jobs, jobs without people’


Rhetoric around youth unemployment must change, an expert has argued. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures rest youth unemployment at 12.44 per cent, although it declined in the last quarter. Debate on the issue has centred on the notion of a skills gap – education ...

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Master’s thesis goes down the toilet, happily

The toilet. Photo: Nick Papas.

A University of New South Wales student has used the toilet seat to marry two of his passions in a master’s of philosophy thesis – architecture and altruism. Nick Papas partnered with the Sago Network to research how to rollout low-cost, eco-friendly toilets ...

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University deregulation could be back on the agenda


Education Minister Simon Birmingham has left the door open to changing mothballed university deregulation measures. Senator Birmingham says the government would reintroduce “at some stage” the legislation to allow universities to set their own fees. “I have been consulting and ...

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UoW donor calls gifts path to immortality

(Left to right) vice-chancellor professor Paul Wellings, Suzanne Walker, emeritus professor Ken McKinnon  and Jillian Broadbent, chancellor. Photo: UOW

The donor of a $1.3 million grant to the University of Wollongong argues funding education is the single best investment one can make for future generations and useful in ensuring “a bit of immortality”. Emeritus professor Ken McKinnon, former UoW ...

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Panel to look into uni entrance standards

Simon Birmingham, federal education minister.

The federal government is directing the Higher Education Standards Panel to examine university entrance requirements to improve transparency. This follows long-running commentary about ATAR and recent comments from professor Ian Jacobs, University of New South Wales vice-chancellor, calling for the system ...

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USYD’s Nadim tears into federal deradicalisation plan


A University of Sydney expert has launched a scathing attack on a federal government schools deradicalisation program that seeks to follow New South Wales’ example. In a joint announcement, federal education minister Simon Birmingham and federal justice minister Michael Keenan, explained this ...

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