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Tertiary think tank goes radical


A revolutionary tertiary education preparation pathway for school leavers and a reputation overhaul for VET sector training were amongst a range of deliberately radical ideas a think tank has floated regarding the future of higher education in Australia. The proposals – ...

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Childcare, emotional security linked


Regulation of emotions may not be a concept generally associated with young children but new research has suggested that those receiving quality early childcare may be quicker to develop emotional and behavioural maturity. Researchers at the University of Adelaide examined data ...

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Sterile fruit flies one step closer

QLD Fruit Fly

Queensland fruit flies’ annual destruction of crops is one step closer to being significantly reduced thanks to a research project led by the University of Western Sydney. Having successfully identified the point at which developing fruit flies – pests that plague the ...

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UWA won’t host Islamic speaker

Mr Uthman Badar

The University of Western Australia has confirmed it rejected a request from a controversial Muslim activist and writer to hold a public lecture on its campus due to “risk assessment advice”. Earlier this week, the university’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) ...

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Public trusts unis far more than pollies


Australians have almost three times as much confidence in the country’s universities as in Federal Parliament, a recently released ANU poll of public attitudes shows. The phone-based survey of 1388 Australians – conducted in June and July this year – asked respondents ...

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