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Private trainers, unis praise incoming TEQSA chief

Anthony McClaran

The appointment of Anthony McClaran as the new chief executive of the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) has been hailed by private training providers as “great news for the higher education sector”. Universities also welcomed the move and McClaran is ...

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Study reveals benefits of sleeping on it


Last-minute cramming for an exam before going to bed might be a good tactic for students – provided they get a good snooze, according to new research on the benefits of “sleeping on it”. Sleep almost doubles the chances of remembering ...

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Aust lags world’s best on student gap


Australia is lagging behind the world’s best when it comes to teaching, with a new report showing a six-year gap between the most and least advanced students at any given age. The Grattan Institute report says the system fails to ...

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Plaster shifts, not blame


  VET’s house is falling apart, and policymakers won’t save it by trying to pretend market design hasn’t caused the problem. By John Mitchell If you were looking for the clearest summary of the current mess in the VET sector, ...

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Job prospects slim for new grads


The job outlook for recent university graduates looks bleak, with a record number of students graduating into unemployment – that’s according to the latest research by Graduate Careers Australia. In 2014, 68.1 per cent of new bachelor degree graduates had ...

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