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Whether you’re cis or trans is all a matter of perspective


Prefixes in English often come in complementary pairs, such as ante-/post- (antemeridian/postmeridian), in-/out- (inside/outside), et cetera. A less well-known pairing is trans- (‘across’, ‘beyond’) and cis- (‘on this side of’), as in transmontane/cismontane – referring to something situated either beyond ...

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BCA chief named UTS chancellor


The president of the Business Council of Australia, Catherine Livingstone, has been named chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney. Livingstone views her new position as an opportunity to play a different, equally significant role in guiding Australia to create ...

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Neuroscientist from UON joins College of Experts


University of Newcastle associate professor Frini Karayanidis has been inducted into the Australian Research Centre’s (ARC) College of Experts, a role offered only to researchers of exemplary standing within the international academic community. Karayanidis, a cognitive neuroscientist, is delighted about her ...

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PVC students at UTAS retires


Professor Sue Kilpatrick, pro vice-chancellor students, has retired after working 30 years with the University of Tasmania. Kilpatrick led a variety of access and outreach programs, oversaw the success of pathways to the university from schools and led the operation ...

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UNSW selects new PVC education


UNSW adds professor Geoff Crisp as the new pro vice-chancellor education. As part of his new role, beginning in February, Crisp will implement educational components of the UNSW 2025 Strategy. “I am excited by the opportunity to work with colleagues ...

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UC names veteran exec VP global


The University of Canberra welcomes experienced executive Rongyu Li as new vice-president global. He has more than 15 years of experience in international higher education, including the execution of internationalisation strategies, overseeing international offices, language centres, pathway providers, transnational education ...

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JCU elects former ambassador chancellor


James Cook University has appointed Bill Tweddell chancellor for five years beginning on March 26. For the past four decades, Tweddell has pursued a career in Australia’s diplomatic service. He serves as Australia’s ambassador to the Philippines and has previously served as ambassador ...

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Strictly speaking | Emoji


It’s the time of year when people start creating ‘Best of 2015’ lists and dictionaries put out their ‘Word of the Year’. The Oxford Dictionaries’ choice has caused something of a furore, as it isn’t actually a word. It’s an ...

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Monash adds chancellor

Simon McKeon_Colour

Monash University has appointed social entrepreneur and businessman Simon McKeon chancellor. McKeon said he was “humbled and delighted” upon hearing news of his appointment. “In an era when education is widely regarded as one of Australia’s key sectors, both in ...

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CQU picks new chancellor


Gladstone industry leader John Abbott has been appointed chancellor at Central Queensland University. Abbott has served the university in various roles for the past 30 years, including as tutor at the Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education and most recently as a ...

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