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Strictly speaking

Strictly Speaking: Zenware


The distractions that tempt us whenever we turn on a device with an internet connection are boundless. We’re immediately bombarded with an array of apps, email and Facebook notifications, advertising pop-ups and clickbait. This sensory overload is the motivation behind ...

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Strictly speaking | bokeh


This unusual word was borrowed from Japanese less than 20 years ago for a special out-of-focus effect that up-to-date photographers may strive to achieve rather than avoid. In Japanese, the word is written as boke, but said with two-syllables (bow-kay) ...

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Strictly speaking | Patch


Patches have been put to many purposes over the centuries of the word’s use, so that they may “repair, strengthen, protect, or decorate” a surface (Oxford English Dictionary online). In the 17th and 18th centuries, they could be a form ...

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UC announces VC from Canada


The vice-chancellor of Canada’s top-ranked university, Professor H. Deep Saini, has been announced as the successor to the outgoing University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Professor, Stephen Parker. Saini is now at the helm of the University of Toronto. He will take up ...

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Go8 picks chair of innovation


The Go8 has unveiled businessman and entrepreneur Simon McKeon as inaugural chair of its industry and innovation board. The Go8 said the board was a “key plank of the Go8’s Innovation 2016 agenda”. Go8 chair and USYD vice-chancellor Michael Spence ...

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New design czar for UTS


UTS has announced landscape architect professor Elizabeth Mossop will be the next dean of its Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. Mossop, who was most recently professor of landscape architecture and director of the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture ...

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New Education and Training Secretary


Education leaders have welcomed the appointment of Dr Michele Bruniges as the new secretary of the Department of Education and Training. Bruniges, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the education sector has led the NSW Department of Education ...

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Nakata re-joins JCU


James Cook University has appointed Professor Martin Nakata pro vice-chancellor of its Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Centre. Nakata will take up the position in early May. He was the first Torres Strait Islander in Australia to graduate with ...

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Deakin invests new chancellor


Deakin University has officially invested governance, finance, accounting and business strategy expert John Stanhope as its new chancellor. Stanhope, who has been on the university’s council since 2012, has been serving as deputy chair of Deakin’s investment committee, as well ...

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Whether you’re cis or trans is all a matter of perspective


Prefixes in English often come in complementary pairs, such as ante-/post- (antemeridian/postmeridian), in-/out- (inside/outside), et cetera. A less well-known pairing is trans- (‘across’, ‘beyond’) and cis- (‘on this side of’), as in transmontane/cismontane – referring to something situated either beyond ...

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