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Principals to visit Torres Strait Islands schools


School principals are getting ready to jet off to the remote Indigenous communities of the Torres Strait Islands. The annual Women Yarning Up trip is organised by Bond University in conjunction with the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia. “Indigenous education ...

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How govt will pay for its research fund

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Labor has slammed the federal government’s medical research fund as a “cruel hoax”, insisting the savings measures that will be used to pay for the fund have no hope of getting through parliament. In response to a Senate estimates question ...

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UTS develops new master plan for local school


UTS architecture students will get hands-on experience developing a master plan for the campus redesign of a local high school. Postgraduate students and staff from UTS’s school of architecture have been appointed to guide the International Grammar School (IGS) through ...

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Aust lags world’s best on student gap


Australia is lagging behind the world’s best when it comes to teaching, with a new report showing a six-year gap between the most and least advanced students at any given age. The Grattan Institute report says the system fails to ...

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Brief form of ECT has fewer side effects: study


A newer treatment for severe depression is almost as effective as standard electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) but with far fewer side effects, research has shown. The University of NSW study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, reviewed six international ECT ...

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Schools must make a place for Hindi


Strengthening Australia’s long-term relationship with India depends partly on the investment schools make in teaching students Hindi. Recognising the importance of teaching school-aged students Hindi, the Australian National University (ANU) South Asia Research Institute is holding a workshop on Friday ...

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ANU: Boost Hindi teaching in schools

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A senior Australian academic has led calls for the nation to increase the teaching of Hindi in schools or face risking the strength of its relationship with India. In a statement issued ahead of a workshop for language specialists at ...

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