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Bending the law


Teaching core legal principles is still important but some experts argue that schools need to reshape their offerings in order to reflect a plethora of emerging roles. The spectrum of legal roles is broadening radically and law schools should alter ...

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Business Decisions


UTS’s Roy Green talks to Dallas Bastian about how management schools need to capitalise on their individual strengths to serve the changing needs of students and employers. Australian business and management education is at a critical juncture, an Australian Business ...

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Notes on nursing


Australians are making contributions to research on RNs, ENs and AINs. By Antonia Maiolo. Nurses and midwives use research to provide evidence-based care to enhance health outcomes for individuals, communities and healthcare systems. Evidence-based research can also be used to ...

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Treatments for red tape


Researchers and other stakeholders say it’s time to make the grant process easier. By Dallas Bastian. The majority of funding applications for medical projects get rejected. The researchers behind products such as Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, are amongst the lucky ...

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Science of employment


  Norton urges end to push for more science students, as jobs may harder to find. By Dallas Bastian. The government must refrain from pushing students to study science, the Kemp-Norton Review urges. “The evidence on science employment outcomes has ...

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What it means to be humanities

Steven Schwartz.jpeg

The CEO of CHASS makes the case for the market value of a liberal arts degree. By Antonia Maiolo. Professor Steven Schwartz, CEO of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS), makes his case that even in ...

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A rich culture has many sources


UK academic re-ignites debate on how to secure a future for the arts. By Antonia Maiolo. The current focus on lobbying is unlikely to deliver the arts to a place of “safety and riches”, a leading UK academic says. In ...

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A new look at how to teach and learn


Universities need to change the way they prepare higher-education teachers for the classroom. By Kelly Matthews. In higher education, the default modus operandi has been, “You know the discipline content, you were a good student so you know how to ...

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What counts in an MBA


Find out which elements matter most to employers when evaluating applicants. By Antonia Maiolo. Despite critics who have questioned the relevance and value of an MBA in recent years, the number of people pursuing the qualification continues to rise. About ...

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Q & A with Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan

FedUni deputy dean for engineering and IT, Andrew Chan, talks about the many benefits of studying engineering, as well as crucial issues facing the industry today. By Antonia Maiolo. What areas of engineering are in demand? From an Australian perspective, ...

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