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Teaching degrees are uni cash cows: Dinham


Teaching degrees are used by universities as a cash cow and this can partially explain startling teacher attrition rates, an expert has said. Recent research from the Australian National University shows 30 to 50 per cent of teachers quit the ...

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Nose spray relieves childbirth pain: study


Women may soon be able to use a nasal spray for pain relief during childbirth following successful trials by an Australian midwifery researcher. The nasal spray analgesic drug, fentanyl, was shown to be just as effective in relieving labour pain ...

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VU’s Dawkins challenges ATAR’s relevance

VU vice-chancellor professor Peter Dawkins. Photo: Victoria University

A vice-chancellor has downplayed the relevance of the ATAR as a measure of potential student success – especially when it comes to teaching degrees. Professor Peter Dawkins, of Victoria University, argued that ATARs are often meaningless when measuring a student’s potential in university. ...

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Victoria may raise teaching degree benchmarks


Aspiring teachers who receive low marks in Year 12 may be banned from classrooms, as the Victorian Government is considering raising the benchmarks for entry into teaching degrees. Figures from the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre show ATAR scores for primary ...

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Women can help shrink engineer shortage

Students of the UNSW Women in Engineering Camp visit Qantas in Sydney. Photo: UNSW

Girl power can help solve Australia’s chronic shortage of engineers. Every year, Australia imports 12,000 engineers to fill jobs. One-quarter of these come on temporary work visas. Only 6000 are graduates from Australian universities. This trend has gone on for the ...

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AEU defends call for tougher teaching degrees


The Australian Education Union has hit back against claims that it dictates New South Wales teacher education policy to limit the number of incoming teachers for the benefit of its existing members. Australian Catholic University vice-chancellor professor Greg Craven previously told Campus Review that ...

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Craven says Piccoli wrong on jobs market


Recent figures from the NSW Government that show too many teachers and too few jobs are misleading, the vice-chancellor of Australian Catholic University has said. Statistics The Australian revealed on Tuesday show NSW education minister Adrian Piccoli painting a bleak picture for teacher employment, as state ...

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