SVP: Careful What You Wish For


After nearly two years the government has announced a series of measures which will ease student visa rules to improve Australia’s international sector By Phil Honeywood. So the word is out. After the previous Government prevaricated for two years, the ...

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Strength in coordination


Providing better education and job outcomes for Aboriginal students requires leadership, teamwork and input from experienced hands.  TAFE institutes play a significant role in vocational training for Aboriginal students, but their contribution should be measured in much broader terms than ...

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A sector that needs to survive


Community-based RTOs perform a critical service for disadvantaged learners, yet they are in danger of disappearing. By Sally Thompson. The impact of VET skills reform on TAFE, particularly in Victoria, has been well documented and debated in Campus Review. However, ...

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Shine a light on quality


It’s past time to raise the standards for VET teacher qualifications. By Erica Smith Over the last three years, there has been considerable debate about the quality of vocational education and training teaching in Australia. This debate began in earnest ...

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Worth every penny – and more?


p>What rate of return on investment in VET would turn the heads of the new government, John Mitchell asks. Predictably, the newly installed federal government will be lobbied by education groups from all sectors and political persuasions. Hopefully the new ...

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Another way to work it


It’s a good time for alternate approaches to lowering youth unemployment, such as the trade diploma.  By Bruce Mackenzie. One of the imponderables of government policy relates to the future of vocational education and training in Australia. In just over ...

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Where the middle road leads


Study finds age, field have biggest impact on effectiveness of mid-level qualifications. By Nick Fredman Vocational certificates have traditionally been tied to the trades, and bachelor’s degrees to the professions. What’s the labour market niche for those qualifications that fall ...

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All’s well for dream facility


New Sunshine Coast health and well-being precinct ready to serve the region. By Leeza Boyce. All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that ...

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The carer crisis looms


Is anything more important than refugee boats and the price of carbon? One CEO says yes – if you’re paying attention. By John Mitchell. With the federal election looming, the national media is consumed by a narrow range of issues, ...

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