Law school sues ANU over naming rights

A Sydney law school is suing the Australian National University over the name of its law faculty.
The College of Law, based at St Leonards, claims ANU has infringed the college’s trademark by calling the university’s law faculty ANU College of Law.
The Sydney college said “the proceedings relate to alleged infringement of registered trademarks held by the College for the brand name The College of Law”.
“The College is seeking various orders from the court including injunctions restraining the university from using the name ‘ANU College of Law’,” the Sydney college said in a statement.
Senior lecturer Geoffrey Moore from the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney said Section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law says that you cannot engage in trade or commerce that is misleading or deceptive.
Moore said whilst he has no familiarity with the action he assumes the College of Law in St Leonard’s is asserting that by using the title ANU College of Law that “they are holding out that they have some link with the St Leonard’s college which presumably they do not have”.
“It might cause people to enroll at the ANU version thinking that they were enrolling in a version over which the College of Law has control,” Moore said.
A spokesperson for ANU has said the university is not in a position to comment as the matter is currently before the court.

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