Learn to work with TEQSA: Craven

The higher education sector needs to embrace the new regulatory system and learn to work with it, says Australian Catholic University vice-chancellor Professor Greg Craven. Craven, a leader of the Universities Australia working party involved in negotiations on the creation of the legislation that established the new Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, told the Higher Education Congress that he saw a lot of anxiety in the sector over the new body.
But while it was understandable, he said, much of it was also exaggerated. “I think that’s natural enough because we are in a stage where we don’t necessarily know what it looks like, and we won’t for some time, because it will take TEQSA a significant period to develop a sufficient body of precedent for us to assimilate and understand it,” he said last week.An example, said Craven, were the concerned whispers he had heard about several universities receiving letters from TEQSA.

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