Perth TAFE’s YouTube video worth a million

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but there’s definitely a reason why a video advertising Perth’s Central Institute of Technology has almost two million views on YouTube. Yes – almost two million. 1,916,460 to be exact, as of the afternoon of March 2. The video, titled “It’s A Snap”,  was made by two former CIT students, Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann, who graduated from its film and TV course in 2003. 
“It’s A Snap” went up on YouTube on February 12. Someone posted it to Reddit, a website known as “the front page of the internet”, and it rapidly went viral, attracting the attention of Time magazine and the Huffington Post, which called it “darkly hilarious” (any more details would ruin the fun, but it’s fair to say it gets a bit gory). The institute had previously provided $1000 in sponsorship for two, who have a YouTube series called Henry and Aaron’s Seven Steps to Superstardom, on the understanding that they would make an ad for CIT at some point. Their brief was to make something that would appeal to the 15 to 20 demographic.
“I am totally amazed, it’s been phenomenal,” said CIT managing director Neil Fernandes.  It has been viewed around the world – half a million people in the United States alone have watched it, along with 100,000 people in Canada, 95,000 in Poland and 82,558 in Japan. The Monday after the video went up on YouTube, CIT’s website had 8731 visitors – its highest number ever.
Fernandes said that while it was too early to see what sort of impact the video would have on enrollments, the institute planned to capitalize on the exposure, particularly the video’s popularity in North America. “North America has not really been a market for us at all, but we might start to look at that for our creative arts programs, which are a specialty at Central,” he said. The institute has 1300 international students, out of a total body of 30,000, from 83 countries around the world.
“The best thing is the fact that [Inglis and McCann] have been asked to come to LA to talk to people in the advertising industry, and I think they’re going to be big stars,” Fernandes added. “Apart form all the attention that the college has received, the best thing for me is that these students are going to have successful careers as a result of this.”See the video at 

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