Year in View. International- Knight comes riding to the rescue

After a timely review, the government realised the importance of the international sector and acted to protect it.
There are many metaphors you could use to describe the international education sector in 2011. It pulled itself out the mud, bounced back from a bad year fighting, found its feet, toughened up…
“Went on an amazing roller coaster” is how professor of higher education Simon Marginson chose to describe it to Campus Review, but noted that it was also a case of “all’s well that ends well”, to move from metaphors to aphorisms. ”At the start of the year no one could have predicted that the final trajectory would be up. All the signs were bad. Tertiary education was staring down the barrel of a possible halving of student numbers and export earnings,” said Marginson, who is based at the University of Melbourne.

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